The rapidly burgeoning influencer industry has several content creators adding to the pool every day. India’s influencer marketing industry’s impact is growing in the world of brand promotions.

Through these guidelines, ASCI aims to educate influencers, brands and content creators about their ethical obligations and looks to provide clear guidelines in the disclosures process. By introducing these guidelines, ASCI will help consumers, brands and content creators ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are preserved through a self-regulatory approach.

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Former CEO, BBH & Publicis Worldwide, India | Former Chairman, ASCI

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Film Exhibitor & Distributor, Director of Aashirwad Theatres Pvt ltd.

Compliance for ASCI Influencer Guidelines

At the launch of the Influencer Advertising Guidelines, ASCI announced it partnership with French technology provider, Reech, to help identify lack of influencer transparency on social media. In addition to complaints received by public and other agencies, ASCI’s suo moto surveillance has also started to flag potential violations of the guidelines.

The Process

Once the content is identified as potential advertisement, ASCI will send out a letter to the influencer and brand, asking them to provide evidence that the said post was not in violation of the ASCI guidelines and take appropriate corrective action. Advertisers and influencers have the opportunity to voluntarily modified or withdrawn the post. In some cases where they contest ASCI’s letter, the evidence and response is taken to the Consumer Complaints Committee (CCC) to assess whether there has been a violation, and the recommendation of the CCC is given to them, along with a timeline to correct the same.


Reech, a European company with expertise in Influence Marketing has been involved in regulating the influencer marketing space since its inception, they use artificial intelligence and machine learning to examination content across digital platforms. Reech has developed some regular algorithms that can distinguish between sponsored and unsponsored content. After detailed testing of the technology platform for the Indian market, we have set up specific monitoring parameters relevant to the country and has now been deployed.

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