The Self-Learning Certification Courses are available to all our stakeholders interested in understanding the nuances of responsible advertising. Give your resume an edge, with a certification in the course related to your interests. All these courses are online and will provide an in-depth understanding of the topic chosen.

The Responsible Influencing Playbook an ASCI Certified Course

In the world of being an influencer, working with brands can sometimes cause you to unintentionally overlook ethical endorsement practices. This course is your friendly guide to ensure your influence is responsible and ethical. Learn to:

  • Understand what's legal and authentic, avoiding 'Oops, I didn't know!' moments
  • Share honest endorsements that your followers will love
  • Apply the proper guidelines for disclosing your association with a product, service, or brand
  • Know your legal obligations and keep yourself protected

Join to enhance your skills in ethical endorsements and disclosure, contributing to a community built on trust and credibility.

Begin Your Journey to Responsible Influencing.

About the training

21 Nuggets
115 min
Digital content creators

What’s included?

  • 21 nuggets (micro-learning modules)
  • Online assessment
  • Completion certificate

Course objectives

Why let unintentional oversights tarnish your image and sink your career?

  • Ensures your brand-influencer collaborations do not have inadvertent errors or violations
  • Helps you understand your legal obligations, keep regulatory heavy hand at bay
  • Helps build credibility, upholds your and your brands image and reputation
  • Helps build meaningful connect with your audience and grow consumer trust

What does the course cover?

Program Details


After successfully completing the nuggets and passing the assessment, you will receive the ‘Responsible Influencing’ certificate. This certificate acknowledges your dedication to ethical endorsement practices and demonstrates your expertise in following responsible influencer guidelines. It serves as a valuable credential that you can proudly display to brands, agencies, and your audience, thereby elevating your professional credibility within the industry.