About Self-Regulation

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Find out how advertising self-regulation works benefits everyone

Advertising Self-regulation means that the ad industry has willingly established a system to moderate all its own ads and ensure that advertisers follow a set of standards while getting ads created.

This is done to ensure that advertisements continue to be honest, truthful, decent, safe and fair. Ads must be planned and crafted in a manner that they are duly responsible towards safeguarding the interests of the consumer as well as society.

ASCI was formed by the representatives of four pillars of the industry itself – the businesses who sponsor/ pay for the advertising, the ad agencies who conceptualise and give them a form, the media that carry these ads and allied professions such as PR and market research that support the development of communication.

The advertising ecosystem agrees upon a set of standards that ads must adhere to and a system to make sure that the ads that do not meet those standards are quickly corrected or removed.

Self-regulation benefits everyone – policymakers, consumers, the advertising ecosystem, and society as a whole.

For the advertising ecosystem

  • According to estimates, about one-third or half of a business’s market capitalisation is represented by its brand reputation. Thus, consumer trust is the key to corporate success. Advertising self-regulation, through the promotion of responsible advertising, helps build consumer trust in brands which inspires brand loyalty and that in turn leads to growth in sales and market share. Maximised returns on long term investments in advertising benefit not only advertisers but also agencies and media, who will see a higher demand for creative yet responsible advertising.

For policymakers

  • Self-regulatory advertising standards provide an additional layer of consumer protection that complements the legal framework. Advertising self-regulatory bodies also help avoid problems before they happen by providing advertising advice at the pre-production stage. advice. They keep track of key concerns about advertising and take steps to address them when needed.

For consumers

  • Self-regulation provides a cost-free, fast and efficient solution to express their views about advertisements and raise their concerns to an impartial body.