Why Become an ASCI Member

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Being a part of ASCI allows access to certain benefits

We, at ASCI, believe that advertising is a fundamental pillar of the economy and businesses. And consumer trust in advertising is therefore a critical business need.

We invite you to join a league of businesses that hold themselves to the highest standard of responsible advertising.

ASCI strives to create guidelines and rules that make advertising truthful and non-offensive, safe and fair for consumers while also championing the advertisers’ and creative agencies’ rights to freedom of speech and ease of doing business.

A strong self-regulation body can add tremendous economic value to the industry. By making self-regulation stronger.

  1. The industry faces less regulation in the area of creative advertising.
  2. Regulators often consult with ASCI as an expert body to be able to explain the need to balance consumer and advertiser rights. The ASCI code is recognized in law, and is referred to by regulators on an ongoing basis.
  3. Consumers have a quick and easy way to manage grievances, ensuring that the industry takes care of its own issues as the first line of action.
  4. Self-regulation creates a level playing field for honest players by ensuring industry standards.

It is not enough for an individual company to be ethical, the entire industry must come together to adhere to a common standard that is transparent to all.

Being a part of ASCI allows access to certain benefits

The ASCI board has members from different sections of the advertising ecosystem. The board, in consultation with different stakeholders, is at the forefront of creating guidelines and policies that shape the narrative of responsibility for the entire industry. In addition to industry representation, the board also has independent governors.

The Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) is an independent jury established to look at formally investigated complaints that are received at ASCI. The CCC comprises both industry members as well as members of civil society (who are in the majority on the council). As a member, you have the chance to be a part of this very important consumer grievance mechanism, which is at the heart of the CCC. This is subject to vacancies.

ASCI offers member-exclusive services such as exclusive member-only access to a fast track dispute, and preferential rates on ASCI offerings like the Advertising Advice service and our MasterClass workshops. Expedited and subscription options for our advertising advice service are available exclusively to members.

ASCI members can contribute actively to the Code and guideline development, as well as partner with ASCI in thought-leadership projects.

Associating with a self-regulatory body signals your intent to be a responsible advertiser with important stakeholders. Being a part of ASCI can improve your credibility and brand reputation with consumers, employees, peers, etc.

As a member, you get exclusive access to our MasterClass Workshops, and preferential access or rate advantages to our upcoming E-Learning modules.

Members have exclusive access to intra-industry complaints resolution on a fast track basis

Never miss out on important updates on regulations and guidelines that impact advertising.

Exclusive permission to use ASCI brand assets to signal your intent to be a responsible advertiser.

You get to interact with other stakeholders including agencies, media and digital platforms, other professionals that form a part of the responsible advertising ecosystem.