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Manisha Kapoor

CEO & Secretary General

Manisha is the CEO & Secretary General of ASCI. She was previously associated with ASCI since 2015 in the capacity of a Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) member. Manisha spearheads several strategic initiatives to get ASCI ready to be future-facing in an extremely dynamic time for the advertising industry. On the global circuit, representing ASCI, Manisha is one of the four vice-presidents on the executive committee of the International Council of Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS).

Manisha is a management graduate from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies and has over 25 years of operating and consulting experience in brand and business strategy across several industries, including consumer goods, BFSI, media, and automotive.

Saheli Sinha

General Manager - Complaints and Resolutions

Saheli is the General Manager of Complaints and resolutions, and oversees the critical complaints resolution mechanism at ASCI. Under her leadership, ASCI has taken several initiatives in the area of digital tracking, and the development of a new, agile, complaint management system. .. She also leads our training and education initiatives for key stakeholders, including corporates and students.

Saheli has a PHD in Sociology and has worked across academia and industry, and has helped her understand culture, society and people better, equipping her with a richer understanding of human response to various thoughts, including brands and advertising.

Vinod Berry

Chief Administrative Officer

Vinod Berry has been with ASCI since 2014 as the Chief Administrative Officer, providing leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting team. He provides his expertise in financial planning and also oversees the administration, legal and secretarial operations of ASCI.

Vinod, a Bachelor of Commerce and Chartered Accountant, comes with extensive experience in finance and administration of over 40 years, with multinational companies in India and the gulf region.

Manimala Hazarika

Head of Marketing

Manimala heads ASCI’s marketing and outreach efforts. She oversees all marketing activities, including new initiatives, member relations, communications, Social media, events and collaborations.

Manimala is an alumna of IIM Calcutta, with over 28 years of rich work experience in building successful brands and crafting effective marketing strategies across a diverse set of industries spanning Consumer Goods, Education, Media, eCommerce and Health Tech.