Xiaomi Technology India Private Limited - Mi LED Smart Bulb

Recommendation: Upheld | Medium: General Public

The ASCI had approached the advertiser (yourself) for its response in addressing the objection raised in the complaint. The advertiser was offered an option to seek Informal Resolution (IR) of the complaint by modifying or withdrawing the claim objected to in the advertisement, or alternately to substantiate the claim with the required supporting data. The advertiser was also offered an opportunity for a telecon with the ASCI Secretariat, which they did not avail nor did they submit their written response. The Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) noted that no response was received from the advertiser prior to the prescribed due date for this complaint. The CCC viewed the website advertisement and observed that the advertiser is promoting a range of LED Bulbs. However advertiser did not provide product specific information such technical test reports /composition / licence / pack artwork or samples, scientific rationale and evidence for life expectancy of LED bulb being approximately 25000 hours. Upon careful consideration of the complaint and in the absence of any further comments from the advertiser, the CCC concluded that claim, “Life expectancy of Mi smart LED bulb is 25000 hours approx.” was not substantiated. The claim is misleading by exaggeration and is likely to lead to widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers. The website advertisement contravened ASCI Guidelines for Disclaimers in Advertising as well as Chapters I.1, I.4, and I.5 of the ASCI Code. This complaint was UPHELD.